Waiting For Sex

So Katy Perry makes England’s greatest sexual animal wait a week for sex and then claims it was this period of denial that helped snare her man Russell Brand for life. Are we to believe just because a guy can’t have his way with a woman for seven days, he’s driven so crazy with desire he’ll give up a life of debauchery just to have her, and no-one else… forever?

Are there really still girls who think just because men have to wait for sex, we’ll like you more because of it? Surely that kind of thinking went out the door not long after high school. Sure, it made sense then, of course men hated that it made sense, but back then it was far too easy to get the wrong idea about someone just because they ‘put out’ on the first date. All men swapped stories about the ‘easy’ girls and while we might’ve fantasised about them (a lot, in our bedrooms at night), no man ever really wanted a relationship with one.

But as we grew up we all realised having sex wasn’t such a big deal because everyone was doing it. Sex became less about how soon you could get it and more about how good it could be. Oh, and love, of course. If there was chemistry – an instant connection you just couldn’t fake – we knew sex was going to be good whether we waited three hours, or three years (although avoiding sex on the first night isn’t such a bad idea – especially since, let’s face it, many of us need the assistance of alcohol to initiate the rendezvous).

The world grew up too along with us, decades ago you didn’t get to find out what your partner was like in bed till you married them, and by then it was far too late (maybe that’s got something to do with out-of-control divorce rates?). These days as long as it’s safe and there’s mutual consent, sex doesn’t have to be about the kind of out-dated courting ritual ideas that controlled our parent’s lives – a week is more than long enough to wait, especially if you’re seeing each other every day, that is, if you must wait at all. Modern day sexual politics have given us more freedom – and that’s both sexes – surely there’s no-one out there still waiting just so they don’t feel dirty?

So Ms Perry, maybe it’s time to grow up and accept Russ loves you because you’re gorgeous and fun and you can sing a bit too, and not just because he had to wait a whole week to get lucky.