Older Women and Young Men

Here we go, I hear you say, it’s a guy who’s going to tell us an older woman can’t possibly keep a younger man because eventually a younger man’s always going to realise he can do better; that eventually he’ll see the stretch marks, crow’s feet, cellulite and droopy boobs and run for the nearest backpacker in a tight t-shirt.

Nope, on the contrary I actually blame this on women. An older woman could easily keep a younger man, if only she’d believe it herself. But she often doesn’t, and it’s these insecurities that drive the couple apart.

Is it any co-incidence Demi and Ashton’s relationship dramas coincide with his new starring role on the world’s biggest sit-com?
There’s been rumours of his infidelities since they started dating; this is nothing new, but could it be that a certain 48-year-old is feeling a little more insecure now her younger partner’s the hottest thing on TV and in two weeks she celebrates the birthday before the big 5-0?

From my experience it’s often the older woman doing the breaking up, because they think it’s just a question of time till we do it anyway. An older friend of mine said she spent three years with a man 21 years younger than her and drove herself crazy with jealousy. “I just figured he wanted every hot young thing in a bikini,” she says. “I used to be so confident around men, but I turned into a green-eyed monster.”

Men certainly don’t help things with our behaviour. We’re visual beings, we can never resist a sideways glance at an attractive woman in a swimsuit, even if we’re dating Miranda Kerr. But I have a friend dating a woman 13 years older than him who’s so worried about looking the wrong way he swears it’s given him a bad neck.

Plenty of younger men are attracted to older women – life experience can be sexy – but until older women believe we aren’t all one instant coffee away from running off with our secretaries, relationships will continue to shake and crumble.