You guys must spend a hell of a lot of time together, do you hate each other?

(laughs) You spend an unnatural amount of time together and of course we have our disagreements and petty arguments and random acts of violence (laughs) but no, we’re all sensible enough people to not hold grudges or let anything get in the way of the band.

So you haven’t had any Gallagher brother type moments where you’ve lined Chris up with your bass about to thump his head in?

(laughs) No, not that he’s aware of. No, we’re usually pretty mellow, we’re lovers not fighters, maybe in 10 years though if we’re still together.

Is Chris really that obsessed with his receding hairline, or do journalists just harp on about it?

Yeah, I know it’s very boring and he does go on a lot about it and it does get intensely boring for us to hear him whinge and moan about it all day. Well, it is a big problem, male pattern baldness, it must really be horrible for those who suffer from it… Well, I wish he’d just shut up now because it’s so boring, give us a break Chris (laughs).

Don’t you have Advanced Hair Studio in England, why don’t you book him an appointment for next week?

Oh right, I didn’t think about that, seriously, I may do that, give him something new to worry about, that’d be nice.

Chris was also quoted as saying he was a virgin up until two years ago, that wasn’t a prerequisite of joining Coldplay was it?

Oh no, no, no, no. Don’t try to lump me into that one, no way, I haven’t been a virgin for a long time. No, people out there, Coldplay were not all monks, that’s Chris.

When do you expect cocaine, heroin and loose women to completely destroy your lives?

In about seven or eight hours, I can’t remember exactly when I had my last hit this morning.

As you get more and more rich and famous do you think you’ll become a wanker?

(laughs) I think I’ll always be a wanker, I think we’ve always been wankers. Well, especially Chris I imagine if he was 22 before he lost his virginity, he must have got good at it. Yeah, exactly (laughs). No, it’s hard to stay level headed when you get quite rich and famous but I don’t think we’re the sort of band that goes around flexing our arm muscles saying we’re this and we’re that. I never imagine us being like that.

So what do you think has been the biggest myth or disappointment about becoming famous and realising it’s not necessarily like being in Led Zeppelin?

That it’s an easy life because it isn’t, it’s very tough, there’s a hell of a lot of work to do and it’s not like you work nine to five with weekends off, you work all day everyday. It’s nowhere near as glamorous as I thought it’d be, but you do get to go to some pretty cool parties.

Do girls go crazy for guys who play famous weepy love songs?

They do, I guess, I guess they always have done, it’s not a new thing.

Is that why you didn’t go for death metal?

Well, yeah, we didn’t think chicks would dig songs about death as much as songs about crying over someone who broke our hearts. No, it’s always about being melodic, that’s what we’re about, if girls like it we’re not going to complain though, would you?

Have you had any stalkers or weird fans, how about any knickers in the post?

We’ve had a few girls that just kind of turn up, all over the place and we notice, sometimes you’ll see them every night for weeks, or months even. Sometimes they fly to different countries to see us, which is pretty weird I guess (laughs). It’s a pretty scary, but it’s quite flattering at the same time. But I’m sure there’s other bands who get it a lot more, like N’Sync (laughs).